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Consolidate your IT Systems

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud

Automate business processes


Keep IT simple for you


IT Systems Consolidation

IT systems grow as organisations expand and needs change. Growing  businesses inadvertently add software, build new applications, buy more servers  and databases, expand file systems etc. Over a period of time, businesses end up with a long list of systems, therefore losing track of them or having too many people maintaining them. Some systems are not used as much, but businesses still end up paying for its maintenance. We at Oak IT help in identifying these redundancies and opportunities for consolidation and can help migrate these systems to the cloud, where they can be managed by our expert staff.

Secure IT Systems

Information is wealth, and information in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Security is not an option but a necessity, and we at Oak IT mandate security in implementing and supporting your IT systems. There are no shortcuts to security. Data is secured at all times, at rest as well as in transit. We take security very seriously.  And we educate our customers on this as well.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Disasters can happen, either natural or human induced. But we can’t let your business be impacted by it. Oak IT can help set up policies and procedures that can help recover and continue functioning in such an event. We also set up Highly available systems for you on the cloud. This means managing the ability of your systems to automatically “failover” to a secondary system if the primary system goes down for any reason as well as eliminating all single points of failure in your IT infrastructure.

Help Start ups

We help startups get started with your IT needs in a jiffy. We help set up your domain, emails, User id Authentication and authorization, shared file systems, host their website. All you need to do is have an internet connection going. We take care of your start up needs. Leave it with us, you are in safe hands. We’ll walk you through how to manage these going forward, or leave it with us and we can support you while you spend more time on your real business.

Cloud Migration

Corporate spend millions of dollars to migrate their on-premise data centre to the Cloud. This requires meticulous planning, design, coding, testing and cut over activities. Our team of experts have successfully done many of these migration projects and have tools that can aid in this process. Once migrated to cloud , you can get rid of your servers in your data centres and enjoy all the benefits that come with using cloud. We mostly use AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for all our implementation.

Back up and Archival

Insurance policies exist for a reason, Back up and Archival are your insurance policies against any unfortunate events or system failures. Storage on Cloud is getting cheaper by the day and is reliable and secure. We can help move all your backup and archival to the cloud and get rid of the servers that have been used for this purpose, saving you on costs for maintenance and support.

IT cost optimization

We monitor your usage all day and recommend the right configuration to run your business. This is a continuous process and in doing so, we pass on these savings back to you. For example, if your business is 9 to 5, why run servers at night, let’s shut it down and save some costs. During weekends if traffic to your website in halved, let’s reduce the configurations to half and save some dollars for you.



24x7 Support

In case you need help, our friendly engineers are always available to support you on the services provided by Oak IT. Our team members have access to your systems to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

About Us

Our Vision
Making IT simple for small and medium businesses in Australia

Our Purpose
We help build and maintain cost effective sustainable secure enterprise grade solutions.

Our Values
Trust : We believe only trust can build long lasting partnerships. We thrive to be IT Partners for small and medium businesses.

Frugal :We understand the value of your money and we continuously seek opportunities to pass on cost savings to our customers.

One team : Your priorities are our priorities , your issues are our issues, your success is our success. We work with you as one team.

At Oak IT

We are a group of highly skilled IT engineers set out to help small and medium businesses with limited IT budgets. We are passionate to build enterprise grade solutions for our customers without compromising quality, security and robustness.

We at Oak IT look forward to provide high class service for all IT needs of our customers. Your problem is our problem and we’ll help solve them with you.

Why Choose Oak IT

Robust IT Architecture

Our teams design solutions keeping performance, reliability and security features in the forefront of implementation. We deliver capabilities that can scale to your business demands.


We reuse our code, processes, monitoring, alarms, architecture, design and this makes Oak IT deliver solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently. It makes us more competitive and keeps support costs low for our customers.

Proactive Monitoring

We constantly monitor leading indicators of failures, raise alarms and fix them, before these problems impact our customers. We want our solutions to cause very little disruptions and we strive to do that.

Repeatable processes

In case of disasters, Oak IT is prepared and ensures that our solutions can be rebuilt again from scratch in very little time. Repeatability ensures dependability and we test all processes in our labs and ensure we can repeat rebuilding your systems anytime any day.

Connect with Us

Please do provide your contact details and a brief description of your current IT challenges. Your are very important to us, we’ll respond to you at the earliest.

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